Hausmann at Couples counseling in ridgewood, ny. 2017

couples counseling is an intimate exhibition space in the living space of artists Nicholas cueva and zach seeger.

I hung record #021 in the project room, furnished with two retreat chairs. I also made 3 small paintings, records of the past three places where i have lived in as many years, and hung them among the art in the apartment.


!retreat! Lanesville, ny. 2017-ongoing

a farmhouse and 33 acres in the catskills. The house is currently being redesigned and renovated with the idea of being a variation on a residency program. I am designing and building the furnishings with this in mind.



retreat is an ongoing collaboration with artist amanda turner pohan



After bedrock, brooklyn, ny. 2017

An exhibition and accompanying 20 page letter pressed catalog. Co-organized with amanda turner pohan.

find the press release here.


the bakery social club, brooklyn, ny. 2016-ongoing

an ongoing collaboration with amanda turner pohan and asa pingree. we invite artists and designers to create an installation or experience and help them to realize it as a venue for a small social gathering.